Sugar and Food Fight Grocery

Identifying vegan sugar is not easy, and those that are clearly marked — such as the sugar, powdered sugar and brown sugars from Wholesome Sweeteners (also organic and fair-trade certified) — are also clearly expensive (over $4 for 1.5 pounds). Though the flavor's good and the products are easy to bake with, they are also a product of Paraguay and packaged in plastic. But here's what the corporation's Web site says regarding food miles:

We're concerned about more than organic impacts, we're also concerned about sustainability. Because the natural range of organic cane is limited (and in many cases far beyond the boundaries of the United States), our sources for organic sugar are in far-away places. Wholesome uses the most efficient combination of transportation methods (ship, rail and truck) to move our products from the fields and mills to your store's shelves. To help offset our carbon footprint, Wholesome invests in renewable, sustainable energy resources, including wind and solar power.

I picked up several packages today from Food Fight Grocery along with the very last (unsweetened this time) Mimiccreme and a jerky snack. Given all the baking we do, I'll have to consider ordering this in bulk. Food Fight may not be the cheapest place in town, but Portland is so freakin' fortunate to have a 100% vegan shop like this that we try to go there as often as possible. Check 'em out in person, or online.

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