Proper Eats for a Vegan

From my recent post at Neighborhood Notes ...

This is what makes Portland such a haven for veg-heads like me: You can go to almost any neighborhood and find a veggie restaurant — and that includes St. John's, where Proper Eats has been serving up what's good for you for over two years now. Today, it was our rest break midway through a long-haul neighborhood bike ride. Located right across from the movie theater, Proper Eats not only features a pretty long, eclectic menu, but portions of the restaurant are also devoted to a market and a performance area, making it a true community gathering spot. Today we tried a light but very tasty spinach salad countered by some mellow garlic bread and a lemonade mix that was so sour (in a proper way) that we were re-charged and ready to hop back on our bikes and go another 15 miles. Proper Eats is located at 8638 N Lombard St., (503) 445-2007.

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