Vegan Beer at Voleur

From my recent entry at Neighborhood Notes ...

"Vegan beer?" our companions asked after hearing the waiter at Voleur describe what's on tap. "What would make one beer vegan, and another not? What's the difference?"


"But what is isinglass?"

"Fish guts."

"So there are fish guts in my beer?!"

Well, maybe. Isinglass isn't necessarily in the final product — or at least not much — but it's used to clarify some beers and wine. According Wikipedia: "Isinglass is a substance obtained from the swimbladders of fish (especially Beluga sturgeon); used mainly for the clarification of wine and beer, it is a form of collagen." (The Wikipedia entry also includes a few links for lists of vegan beers and wines.)

And that's why the good folks at Voleur are kind enough to point out not only what's organic, but also what's vegan. Because, really, why would you want to drink your beer that's already been down the gullet once? Voleur Restaurant is located at 111 SW Ash St.; 503-227-3764.

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