Vegan at the Vegetarian Houseby Veritable Vegan

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OK, it's a bit ironic that the Vegetarian House -- Portland's vegetarian Chinese restaurant -- is located between butcher shops, but then again .... How cool is it that we have such an establishment has taken root in the heart of Chinatown?

What I love about this place is that the Orange Chik'n makes my mouth water just writing about it and the all-you-can-eat weekday lunch buffet is a steal at only about $6.50 or so.
One note: Some vegans aren't crazy about meat analogs. If you're among that camp, you might best try one of the other excellent vegan establishments in town because the Vegetarian House leans heavily on protein sources of tofu and seitan. For the rest of us .... did I mention the Orange Chik'n? [I'm sad to report, however, that the Orange Chik'n is now around $10 — with only rice, no veggie accompaniment; that's getting pricey if you ask me.]

Vegetarian House is located at 22 NW 4th Ave.; 503-274-0160.

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