Vegan Noshing at Backspace

Cross-posted from my entry at Neighborhood Notes ...

I had known of Backspace as a cool coffeeshop, but I’d totally spaced on its veggie/vegan menu until a few weeks ago when a friend reintroduced me to this Oldtown/Chinatown nirvana.
In addition to nighttime entertainment (I’ll leave the younger set to tell you about all that), the free Wi-Fi (equally useful for gaming as for working), the artwork and a vibe as expansive as the high ceilings -- there's also a rockin’ vegetarian menu -- most of which can be made vegan. Like the sandwich I had today: “The Smokey.” A great mix of smoked field roast with avocado, veggies and such on a crusty baguette with a small but tasty side salad. A great antidote to the cool grey skies that have overtaken our fall days this week.

Yup, you got it -- I’ll be back to Backspace.

Backspace is located at 115 NW Fifth Ave.; 503-248-2900.

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