Vegan at Taco del Mar

Cross-posted from my entry on Neighborhood Notes:

Even though I'm not a huge fan of national fast-food chains, a recent 80-hour workweek led me twice to my local franchise of Taco del Mar on Southeast Martin Luther King Boulevard. Service was friendly and efficient, dinner was only about $5, and best of all: My vegan self could choose from a variety of items that were more than just a salad.

Even the company's Web site has a page (among a slew of nutrition- and diet-related pages) dedicated to clearly explaining which menu items are vegetarian and which are vegan — and even a clear definition of the two definitions. Although I probably will never understand the appeal of a fish taco, at least I know that a vegan is welcome at the Taco del Mar table.

There are some 15 Taco del Mar franchises in neighborhoods all around Portland; the MLK store is located at 438 SE MLK Blvd., (503) 232-7695.

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